Announcements for 24/10/15

1. BB Blaze 2016

Recruitment for Blaze 2016 is now opened. For those who do not know, it is an adventure race inclusive of many elements such as kayaking, running, navigation etc. You may check out our coy Facebook page for an introductory video. There will be trainings to prepare you guys for the race itself from November till April. All who do not have any medical conditions that will hinder your health are encouraged to join! Your team captain will be SGT Soo Hong Ce, do inform him or your squad leaders if you wish to join.

2. Citizenship

a) Sec 1’s, refer to parade notice for the e-learning materials for your stage 1.

b) Sec 2’s, values venture project is to be continued. For those who have yet to edit your answers, check with Joshua Dui’s group on how it should be done. Due date: 31 October 2015

3. Total Defence Silver

Sec 2’s + Ryan Tan to confirm a date for the field trip. Refer to earlier post for a list of places to choose from.

4. Kayaking Star 1

Date: 3 & 4 November 2015

Consent forms are to be collected from SGT Gamaliel on 28 October at 1235H. Forms are to be submitted on first day of course. Those whose parents will be sending you there, be there by 0745H. For those making their own way, meet Mr. Nicholas Lim at 0720 @ Nicoll Highway MRT (CC). DO NOT BE LATE.

5. Parade Resumes

There will be no parade on 31 October due to CQ competition. Parade resumes on 7 November 2015 for overnight cycling.

6. Haze Conditions

In view of the recent haze conditions, parade or activities might be cancelled/postponed last minute. We will be basing on the 3H PSI readings from NEA and according to MOE guidelines. We will be looking into an emergency contact list, so that parents can also be notified as soon as possible, in view that the haze conditions will continue to persist.

BB Share-a-Gift

The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift (formerly The Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box) started in 1988, with a simple objective of teaching our Boys how to care and share for the less fortunate in Singapore.

This year, BBSG opening ceremony will be on 24th November 2015 and will end on 21st December 2015. As such, our company schedule are as follows:

Warehouse Duty 17th December
Car Delivery Preparation* 18th December
Car Delivery^ 19th December

*Car delivery preparation will not involve the whole company. Selected boys will be informed.

^Car delivery will be something new for our company. Instead of the usual duty at the warehouse, boys will be doing delivery of the food packages to the beneficiaries. Parents will be invited to join in the delivery to bless the people in the community. More details will be released on this.

Note: Attendance for 17th and 19th is compulsory and as such, those who are overseas during the dates have to inform Mr. Nicholas Lim for a reschedule of company duty. This goes towards your Comm Service award which is a core award.

Company Duty: BB_CF_SGB_Warehouse

For Founder’s Award Applicant (FAA) only: BB_CF_FAA_SGB_Duty

-There is a slight amendment to the date, it should be from 29th Nov to 1st December, 3 days only.