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Attendance Updates

Those whose names are listed below, please hand up your excuse forms by next parade to SGT Calvin Choy.

Outstanding Attendance Matters for 2015

Dylan Lim: Jan 31 ,Mar 14 ,Nov 7 , Dec 19

Ezra John Ngi: Feb 7, Mar 28 , Jun 27 , Sep 5

Kyle Koh: Feb 7, Sep 5 , Dec 19

Paul Norman Chan: Jan 10, Dec 19

Samuel Eng: Jan 31, Mar 4 , 28 Mar , Dec 19

Ryan Tan: Dec 19

Darren Ang: Feb 7

Jotham Wong: Feb 14, Jun 27 , Dec 19

Matthias Chew: Feb 7, Mar 7, Mar 21 , Jun 27 ,Dec 19

Theodore Tan: Jan 3, Jan 10 , Jan 17 , Jan 24 , Feb 28 , Mar 14, Mar 21 , Jun 27 , Jul 11 , Nov 7

Tristan Lim: Dec 19

Zachary Cheong: Jul 18, Dec 19

Nathaniel Ong: Nov 7, Dec 19

Caleb Tan: Dec 19

Franklin Leong: Jun 27

Tan Xing Yau: Jun 27 , Jul 11, Nov 7

Mithran: Nov 7

Ong Yong Chang: Apr 11 , Jul 25



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P2: Rock Climbing @ Safra

Date: 9th January 2016
Time: 0800H – 1300H
Attire: PT – Kit
Venue: SASS, Big Steps
COS: CPL Caleb Chong
DO: LTA Nicholas Lim
Time(H) Programme Action By
0800 – 0815 Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0815 – 0845 Travel to Yishun Safra All
0845 – 0900 Safety Brief + Equipment Check All
0900 – 1200 Rock Climbing All
1200 – 1215 Pack Up/Board Bus All
1215 – 1245 Travel back to SASS All
1245 – 1300 Announcement/Dismissal DO

Things to Bring: Consent form, money & water bottle

*Ensure your hair and nails are of acceptable standard.


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Parade 1: AGM

Date: 2nd January 2015
Time: 0830H – 1230H
Attire: Ceremonial
Venue: CHS
COS: CPL Zachary Cheong
DO: LTA Daren Hoon
Time(H) Programme Action By
0830 – 0845 Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0845 – 1000 Musterparade All
1000 – 1030 Singspiration/Devotion All
1030 – 1200 AGM All
1200 – 1230 Awards / Dismissal COS/DO

Ensure your uniform is up to standard and you arrive on time for the first parade of the year.

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Announcements – 041215

It’s about 1 month to school reopen, hope you guys have spent your holidays wisely, catching up on school work or spending time with family and friends. Do start on your holiday homework if you have not already done so and finish it early.

Do take note that BBSG is coming up on 17 and 19 Dec. Those who have informed saying not able to make it should have already been informed of alternative dates to go. BBSG duty is compulsory as it goes towards your community service badge (Core award) which will affect your senior proficiency.

We need you guys to update your particulars as we will be sending out letters regarding BBSG Car delivery and also for an update of our database. Do so via the link provided here

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Congratulations to the following boys on their promotion for Sep quarter 2015.

  1. SSG Caleb Gan
  2. SSG Gamaliel Gan
  3. SGT Dylan Lim
  4. SGT Calvin Choy
  5. SGT Tristan Lim
  6. SGT John Tan
  7. CPL Matthias Chew
  8. LCP Asher Koh
  9. LCP Brendan Adriel
  10. LCP Caleb Tan
  11. LCP Ong Yong Chang
  12. LCP Franklin Leong
  13. LCP Joshah Tan
  14. LCP Nathaniel Ong
  15. LCP Joshua Soh
  16. LCP Shawn Wang

*Those who did not make this round of promotion, do not be dishearten but continue to strive for excellence and grow in character

**Those who were absent during presentation of ranks, make arrangements with SSG Gamaliel Gan to collect them by BBSG.

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BB Blaze 2016

BB Blaze returns in 2016 and it will consist of many elements including navigation and endurance sport.

Actual training will begin in January 2016 but to prepare for training proper, there will be pre-blaze training every once a week to get you fitness up and running before the main training kicks in. All blaze members are strongly encourage to attend the pre-training sessions during the holidays so as to prepare for the training and the race itself. Pre-blaze trainings will be from 0930H – 1130H for trainings 1-4 at Serangoon stadium while trainings 5-8 will be held from 1900H – 2030H at Toa Payoh Stadium. Training 9 will be held at Serangoon stadium and pool, timing TBC.

Pre-Training dates:

  1. 19th November 2015
  2. 26th November 2015
  3. 30th November 2015
  4. 3rd December 2015
  5. 9th December 2015
  6. 15th December 2015
  7. 22st December 2015
  8. 29th December 2015
  9. 30th December 2015

Attire: Sports wear

Things to bring: Water bottle, Face towel

*Should you have any queries, feel free to contact Mr. Nicholas Lim (Chief Trainer)