NCO Council 2021/2022 (wef. 1 Jun 2021)

Council Chairman CSMSGTMichael Ho
Admin NCOSGTIsaac Wong
Coy Secretary 1SGTJosiah Loh
Coy Secretary 2SGTVikhram
Coy Secretary 3PTEPeng Hong
Coy Secretary 4LCPAaron Soh
TreasurerSGTAmos Quek
Awards IC 1CPLAsher Lim
Awards IC 2LCPMatthew Tan
Awards IC 3PTETobey
Quartermaster 1SGTAryan Anand
Quartermaster 2PTECayden Tay
Quartermaster 3LCPShane Tham
Games OICSGTCaleb Wong
Games ICCPLBrayden Lee
Games ICCPL Balavignesh
Games ICLCPKar Heng
VIA ICLCPTimothy Yang
Welfare ICLCPAadit Malik
Welfare IC PTEKai Ler
Welfare ICLCPJerome Tan
PhotographerLCPMagnus Lim

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