NCO Council 2019/2020

Council Chairman CSMSGTIan Koh
Coy Secretary 1CPLTang Kai Xue
Coy Secretary 2CPLNathan Lim
Coy Secretary 3SGTCephas Chew
TreasurerSGTNicholas Tang
Awards NCO 1SSGTitus Lee
Awards NCO 2SGTGlenn Fu
Quartermaster 1SGTJeff Tan
Quartermaster 2SGTMarcus Leow
Games IC 1SGTYeo Yue Yi
Games IC 2LCPElkan Teo
Games IC 3LCP Lim Yu Yang
Games IC 4CPLXiao Yang
CIP Service ICSGTElliot Chin
Welfare ICSGTTimothy Kan
Welfare IC LCPJustin Ho
PhotographerSGTLuke Quek

NCO Council 2020/2021 (wef. 4 Apr)

Council Chairman CSMSGTCephas Chew
Admin NCOSGTNicholas Tang
Coy Secretary 1CPLNathan Lim
Coy Secretary 2SGTElliot Chin
Coy Secretary 3LCPVikram
Coy Secretary 4LCPJosiah Loh
Awards NCO 1SGTGlenn Fu
Awards NCO 2LCPIsaac Wong
Quartermaster 1SGTThaddaeus Tham
Quartermaster 2CPLRaemond Lim
Quartermaster 3LCPCaleb Wong
Games OICSGTJoshua Yong
Games ICLCPXiao Yang
Games ICLCP Subhash
Games ICCPLBrayden
Welfare ICSGTMarcus Leow
Welfare IC LCPEthan Seah
PhotographerLCPAsher Lim

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