Squad Listing 2018/19

SGT Joel Leow CPL Timothy Gan CPL Daniel Bong SGT Ryan Oh
CPL Yeo Yue Yi SGT Keifer Loke CPL Jeff Tan LCP Westley Tan
CPL Darren Chui CPL Wesley Ong SGT Henry Tse CPL Titus Lee
LCP Tuan Vi CPL Joseph How CPL Ian Koh LCP Timothy Kan
LCP Tai Shao Yang LCP Justin Ho LCP Shane Teo LCP Tang Kai Xue
PTE Joshua Yong LCP Elkan Teo PTE Lim Yu Yang LCP Nathanael Chua
PTE Luke Quek PTE Raemond Lim PTE Glenn Fu PTE Nicholas Tang
PTE Nathan Lim PTE Xiao Yang PTE Gerwayne Lam PTE Johnathon Ng
PTE Thaddaeus John Tham PTE Marcus Leow PTE Shaun Chuah PTE Matthew Goh
PTE Keith Er PTE Mitchell Lim  PTE Leonard Lim PTE Keefe Lim
PTE Elliot Chin PTE Cephas Chew
SCL Caleb Gan CLT John Tan CLT Tristan Lim SCL Soo Hong Ce
OCT Samuel Tan OCT Nicholas Soh OCT Andrew Yow LTA Nicholas Lim

Graduated Sec 4s

SGT Shawn Wang SGT Joshah Tan SGT Nathaniel Ong
CPL Tan Xing Yau SGT Ong Yong Chang SGT Joshua Soh
SSG Brendan Adriel CPL Ang Xiang Jun CPL K Mithran
SSG Caleb Tan SSG Franklin Leong CPL Ian Yeoh
SSG Asher Koh SGT Andrew Koh

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