Parade Notices

LDC/RTC Updates

All campers, please take note of the following changes:

1) Please bring $12.50 for camp fees.

2) Updated camping list:

Here is the packing list for the camp. Do note that a sleeping bag is optional.

Full Uniform

1.      Uniform

2.      Lanyard

3.      Nametag

4.      Badges with chevron

5.      Cardboard for pockets

6.      Belt

7.      Black socks

8.      Boots

9.      Cap

School PE T-shirt 3
T-shirt for sleeping 2
Underwear 5
PT Shorts 3
BB polo T 1
Black/Blue Socks 3 pairs
Sports shoes 1 pair
Slipper/Sandals 1 pair
Wrist watch Optional
Notebook/Exercise book 1
Lesson notes (If any)
Writing materials (black pen, pencil, ruler, eraser etc.) 1 set
Transparency marker 1
Bible (If you have) 1
Tooth brush 1
Tooth paste 1
Soap/shower gel 1
Shampoo 1
Towel 1
Powder Optional
Toilet paper 1 roll
Water bottle Minimum 1×1.5 litres
Solid fuel 1 set of 4
Tommy cooker 1
Mess tins 1 set of 2
Canned food 2
Double sling backpack (For Hike) 1
Utensils (fork & spoon) 1 set
Can opener 1
Gas lighter / Match stick 1
Torch light with batteries 1
Poncho/rain coat 1
Big bag – Overall bag 1
Personal medication (Includes inhaler for asthmatic people)
Plastic bags (For dirty clothing) 4
Rag 1
Hanger 1
Sleeping Bag Optional
Polishing kit

1.      Black shoe polish-wax/paste

(No liquid or sponge shoe polish)

2.      Polishing Cloths

3.      Brasso

1 Set
LDC only:

Ceremonial Gloves

Anklets + Garters



1 pair

1 pair

1 serving

Recruits only:

Instant noodles – No cup noodles

BB Handbook

1 Packet

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