Parade 11: POP and ES

Date: 2nd to 3rd April 2016
Time: 0830H (2nd April)- 1400H (3rd April)
Attire: Musketry (others – see packing list)
Venue: CHS
COS: LCP Matthias Chew
DO: LTA Jeremy Pan


Time(H) 2nd April Programme Action By
0830 – 0845 Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0845 – 0915 BB week collection Mr Hoon
0915 – 1115 ES Rehearsal All
1115 – 1130 Back to SASS All
1130 – 1300 Lunch POP Committee
1300 – 0000 POP POP Committee
Time(H) 3rd April Programme Action By
1030 – 1245 Enrolment Service All
1245 – 1330 Lunch All
1330 – 1400 Area cleaning All
1400 – 1415 Dismissal All

A) All boys are to have their breakfast before attending parade.

B) Parents of Sec 1 boys are invited to attend the parade.

C) Boys are to bring in addition to the packing list:

Extra 1 PE Shirt,pants, underwear and black socks.

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