Parade 24

Date: 16th July 2016
Time: 0830hrs – 1230hrs
Attire: PT Kit
Venue: SASS Uppercourt
COS: LCP Shawn Wang
DO: LTA Nicholas Lim
Time(H) 14th May Programme Action By
0830 – 0845hrs Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0845 – 0945hrs CE Lesson CHS
0945 – 1000hrs Games Preparation Games IC
1000 – 1200hrs Games Games IC
1200 – 1215hrs Cool Down Games IC
1215 – 1230hrs Dismissal All
  1. Boys not attending are to inform their squad leaders with reason.
  2. Sec 2s who have yet to submit the comic are to do so this week
  3. Boys are reminded to bring the following: Bible, Water bottle, Writing materials with note book and lesson notes

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