Parade 27: Family Day

Date:  19 August 2017
Time: 0830H – 1715H
Attire: PT Kit
Venue: SASS Courtyard(Marina Barrage)
DO: OCT Samuel Tan
COS: CPL Henry Tse
Time(H) Programme Action By
0845 – 0900 Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0900 – 0930 Devotion/Singspiration
0930 – 1125 Picnic Basket Preparation All
1125 – 1215 Lunch All
1215 – 1230 Welcoming Family Members COS
1230 – 1245 Introduction DO
1245 – 1315 Travel to Marina Barrage All
1315 – 1415 Kite Making COS
1415 – 1615 Kite Flying race/Picnic All
1615 – 1715 Pack up and travel to SASS COS
1715 Dismissal All

Report and dismissal at SASS, bus will be provided to and from Marina Barrage
Boys whose parents are unable to join do not need to come for parade (Committee members must attend)

The following boys are to be present for parade:
CPL Tan Xing Yau
CPL Shawn Wang
CPL Timothy Gan
PTE Keifer Loke
SGT Asher Koh
SGT Andrew Koh
PTE Ian Koh
LCP Ryan Oh
PTE Wesley Ong
CPL Ian Yeoh
PTE Yeo Yue Yi
CPL Daniel Bong
PTE Gideon Paul
CPL K Mithran
PTE Titus Lee
LCP Nathaneal Chua
CPL Henry Tse

*Parents can arrive at SASS COE room by 1230H

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