Parade 2: Annual General Meeting (AGM) + Sec 1s Try Out


Date: 13th January 2018
Time: 0830H – 1240H
Attire: Ceremonial
Venue: Upper Court
DO: LTA Nicholas Lim
COS: SGT Shawn Wang
Duty Squad: Abraham
Time(H) Programme Action By
0830 – 0845 Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0845 – 0945 Muster Parade COS/DO
0945 – 1015 Singspiration/Devotion LTA Daren Hoon/OCT Samuel Tan
1015 – 1145 AGM LTA Daren Hoon
1145 – 1225 LDC Lessons/Drill OCT Samuel Tan
1225 – 1240 Awards & Dismissal All
*Ensure uniform is in top condition. Muster Parade is where quality will shine, use the week before parade starts to prepare your uniform.  Squad leaders to take charge of your squad. 
**Things to bring: Bible, water bottle, writing materials

Sec 1s Program

Date: 13th January 2018
Time: 0830H – 1130H
Attire: PE Attire
Venue: SASS Big Steps
Things to Bring: Water Bottle, Writing materials

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