SANA Course

Date: 12 March 2018
Time: 1415H – 1730H
Attire: Mufti
Venue: BBHQ
Note: Please bring your own writing materials

The following boys are required to attend this course:

PTE Gideon Paul
PTE Yeo Yue Yi
LCP Joseph How
PTE Titus Lee Jit Qing
LCP Ryan Oh
PTE Kang Tuan Vi
PTE Keifer Loke
PTE Tan Ji Jun Jeff
PTE Ian Koh Xin Jie
PTE Westley Caelen Tan Kai-En
PTE Timothy Kan Jie
PTE Wesley Ong Wei Cheng
PTE Yeo Yue Yi
PTE Ho Zheng Xian Justin

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