Parade 10: ES Rehearsal 2

Date: 23th March 2019
Time:0830H – 1230H
DP:SCL Caleb Gan
COS:CPL Yeo Yue Yi
Duty Squad:Abraham
Time(H)ProgrammeAction By
0830 – 0845Fall in/Roll Call COS/DP
0845 – 0930Singspiration/DevotionAll
0930 – 1000Component Drill/ Sec 4 Photo Taking
1000 – 1100Indoor Rehearsal All
1100 – 1215Outdoor RehearsalAll
1215 – 1230Dismissal/ Announcements All
1230 – 1300Target Lesson Sec 1s

*Sec 1s are to stay back after parade for an extra 30mins for target lesson

** Things to bring: Bible, Water Bottle, Writing Materials

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