Parade 13: Enrolment Service 2019

Date:7th April 2019 (Sun)
Time:0800H – 1400H
COS:CPL Jeff Tan
Duty Squad:Caleb
Time(H)ProgrammeAction By
0800 – 0815Fall in/Roll callCOS
0815 – 0930Outdoor RehearsalAll
0930 – 1000Change into Ceremonial All
1000 – 1030Photo TakingAll
1030 – 1200Enrolment Service All
1200 – 1230Parade All
1230 – 1330Lunch All
1330 – 1400Announcements and Dismissal All

*Parents will only need to arrive from 1015 onwards

^Reminder: Ensure Ceremonial Uniform is ready; Gloves is white

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