Parade 15: Adventure and Leadership Lessons

Date                :  22th August 2020

Time               : 

Sec 1: 0900-1030

Sec 2: 1100-1230

Sec 3: 1045-1215

Attire               :  BB Polo( Sec 1s and 2s) or BB Polo Top(Sec 3s)

Parade will be split up into 3 different timings with only the SEC 1S AND 2S to report for physical parade. Sec 3 boys will continue with e-Parade

Lessons/ Programme:

Sec 1: Team Building(30mins)+Adventure: Maps and Compass(45mins)

Sec 2: Team Building+Adventure: Maps and Compass (Split into 2 groups)

Sec 3: Leadership Lesson 4.1

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