Parade 3: Leadership Lessons

Date                : 30th January 2021

Time               :  

Sec 2s & 3s: 0900 – 1200

Sec 4s: 0830-1215

Attire             :  

PT Kit- Sec 2s & 3s

Mufti-Sec 4s

COS: CPL Michael Ho

Reporting Venue: 

Front of Canteen- Sec 2s & 3s

TBC- Sec 4s

For Sec 2s & 3s:

Time:Activity:Action By:
0900-0915Attendance and temperature takingAll
0940-1045LDC LessonsAll

Things to bring for Sec 2s &3s: Thermometer, Stationary, Notebook for LDC Lessons

For Sec 4s:

Time:Activity:Action By:
0830-0845Report to venueAll
0845-0900Briefing + Issue of vouchersAll
0900-1145Delivery of vouchersAll
1145-1200Return of vouchersAll

Things to Bring for Sec 4s: Extra mask, Hand Sanitiser, Pen, Clipboard (1 per group), Water Bottle, EZ-link Card ($10)

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