Parade 5: Uniform Fitting/ LDC Lessons

Date                : 6th March 2021

Time               :  

Sec 1s: 0945-1315

Sec 2s and 3s: 0900-1200

Sec 4s: 0930-1145

Attire             :  

Sec 1s: PE Attire

Sec 2s and 3s: Musketry

Sec 4s: PT Kit

COS: CPL Brayden Lee

Reporting Venue: 

Sec 1s: Big Steps

Sec 2s, 3s, 4s: Canteen

Sec 1s:

Time:Activity:Action By:
0945-1000Attendance and temperature takingSec 1s
1000-1030Bus from SASS to HQSec 1s
1030-1215Uniform FittingSec 1s
1215-1245Issuing of BB Week CardsSec 1s
1245-1315Bus from HQ back to SASSSec 1s
1315DismissalSec 1s

Things to bring for Sec 1s: Water Bottle, Pen, Consent Form (download and print from the link below)

For Sec 2s & 3s:

Time:Activity:Action By:
0900-0915Attendance and temperature takingSec 2s and 3s
0915-0945DevotionSec 2s and 3s
0940-1045LDC LessonsSec 2s and 3s
1045-1145DrillsSec 2s and 3s
1145-1215Issuing of BB Week CardsSec 2s and 3s
1215DismissalSec 2s and 3s

Things to bring for Sec 2s & 3s: Thermometer, Stationary, Water Bottle, Notebook for LDC Lessons

For Sec 4s:

Time:Activity:Action By:
0930-0945AttendanceSec 4s
0945-1015DevotionSec 4s
1015-1035Issuing of BB Week CardsSec 4s
1035-1145GamesSec 4s
1145DismissalSec 4s

Things to Bring for Sec 4s: Thermometer, Writing Materials, Water Bottle, your own games or homework to do from 1015-1145

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