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Parade 3

Date                : 22th January 2022 (Sat)

Time               : 0830 – 1200

Attire               :  Musketry

Venue               :  Courtyard

COS               :  LCP REUEL LEE

S/NActivity:Time:Location:Action by:
1.Fall in/Attendance0830-0900CourtyardSec2,3,4
3.LDC lesson/ LDC 2 lesson/badgework admin0930-1045ClassroomSec2,3,4
S/NActivity:Time:Location:Action by:
3.Games & Mini BB Activities0930-1115Sec1

Things to bring for all: Water bottle, mask box (to keep mask during games), personal belongings, Writing materials, notebook

Remember to keep at least 1 meter social distancing and mask on at all times ✌🏻

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