Stand Up Paddling

Date                : 26th February 2022 (Sat)

Time               : 0830 – 1200

Attire               :  PT Kit

Venue               :  BB Campsite

COS               : 

S/NActivity:Time:Location:Action by:
1.Fall in/Attendance0930-0940Big StepsSec2,3,4
2.Travel to BB Campsite0940-1015Sec2,3,4
3.Briefing1015-1030BB Campsite Sec2,3,4
4.Stand Up paddling1030-1230BB CampsiteSec2,3,4
5.Wash Up1230-1255Sec2,3,4
6.Head Back to SA1300-1330Sec2,3,4
7.Dismissal1330Big stepsSec2,3,4

Packing List:

• 1x Dry set of clothing
• 1x Towel
• Toiletries
• 1 litre(minimum)Water bottle
• Sunblock
• Cap/Hat
• Water-sports/Covered Footwear(Slipper and Sandal are not allowed)
• Zip lock bags(To water proof essential items against wet weather)
• Spectacle Band or hooks(For those wearing spectacle)
• Extra plastic bag(For wet clothing)
• Extra Mask(With mask box/zip lock bag)
• Mobile Phone or TraceTogether Token for SafeEntry Scanning


• Extra Sandals
• Sunglasses
• Light snack


• Participants are strongly encouraged to not to bring valuable items as well as
minimise their baggage as much as possible.
• Personal medication prescribed by doctor.
• Organisers will not be responsible for any loss of participants’ personal items.
• Always wear masks unless engaged in strenuous activities during training and
safe distancing of at least 1m at all times.
• Please be advise that all participants to bring along their own water bottle, toiletries
and personal items must not be shared.
• Participants who are unwell or have household members on Home Quarantine
Order/Stay Home Notice or have household members with flu-like symptoms are
required to stay home. Also, ensure that you are not on your vaccine booster shot when participating in strenuous activities

• Last of all, bring along your sense of humour and enjoy the course/expedition

Hope you’ll have a fun day😄

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