BBSG Car Delivary

Date : 10th December 2022 (Sat)

Time             : 0830H – 1530H

Attire             : Mufti

Venue            : School BIG Steps

S/NActivity:Time:Location:Action by:
1.Fall in 0830-
Big StepsSec 1,2,3
2.Set up0845-
Big StepsSec 1,2,3
3.Start of delivary0945-
OutsideSec 1,2,3
4.End of delivary1500OutsideSec 1,2,3
Big StepsSec 1,2,3
  • Do invite your parents to join in if they drive. They can come anytime during the delivary slot, but if possible to commit at least 1.25h. A trip might take about an hour. If can do 2 trips that would be great.

Any questions, PM Nicholas or daren

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