Important Notice

Due to the COVID-19 situation, parades will be temporarily suspended till 28 March. Passing Out Parade (POP) is still planned to be held on 28 March should the situation improves/stabilises.

Enrolment Service will also be postponed till further notice.

Do stay healthy and practice good hygiene. Do take the time to also do some revision for your tests and exams.

Important Points for BB week collection

As BB week is commencing, there are important instructions that need to be followed in order for you to have a smooth collection.  Do note the following points in addition to the BB week Briefing on 4th March Parade:

  1. Collect from friends and family only.
  2. You are not to exchange donations for any form of favours/work. If you are uncertain, do not agree or contact your squad officer immediately.
  3. Do not write in an empty box if not collecting; if there is any form of markings, you are expected to make up that amount
  4. On the 1st of april collection, you are to give the amount in notes. No coins will be accepted. 
  5. Ensure you know where you keep your cards.
  6. In the event where you lose/misplace your cards, you are to immediately contact Mr Daren Hoon, and after informing, report the matter to the police.
    1. Fill up card issued (name), Nric, Rank
    2. Do not fill up total amount until instructed to
    1. For accounting purposes, rank name nric must be filled
    2. If you do use the pamphlet, do remember the amounts if possible. This number will be factored in during collection day.

If you or your parents have any further queries, please do contact Mr Hoon, or your squad officer.

Have a Blessed Collection!

Attendance Updates

Those whose names are listed below, please hand up your excuse forms by next parade to SGT Calvin Choy.

Outstanding Attendance Matters for 2015

Dylan Lim: Jan 31 ,Mar 14 ,Nov 7 , Dec 19

Ezra John Ngi: Feb 7, Mar 28 , Jun 27 , Sep 5

Kyle Koh: Feb 7, Sep 5 , Dec 19

Paul Norman Chan: Jan 10, Dec 19

Samuel Eng: Jan 31, Mar 4 , 28 Mar , Dec 19

Ryan Tan: Dec 19

Darren Ang: Feb 7

Jotham Wong: Feb 14, Jun 27 , Dec 19

Matthias Chew: Feb 7, Mar 7, Mar 21 , Jun 27 ,Dec 19

Theodore Tan: Jan 3, Jan 10 , Jan 17 , Jan 24 , Feb 28 , Mar 14, Mar 21 , Jun 27 , Jul 11 , Nov 7

Tristan Lim: Dec 19

Zachary Cheong: Jul 18, Dec 19

Nathaniel Ong: Nov 7, Dec 19

Caleb Tan: Dec 19

Franklin Leong: Jun 27

Tan Xing Yau: Jun 27 , Jul 11, Nov 7

Mithran: Nov 7

Ong Yong Chang: Apr 11 , Jul 25



Announcements for 24/10/15

1. BB Blaze 2016

Recruitment for Blaze 2016 is now opened. For those who do not know, it is an adventure race inclusive of many elements such as kayaking, running, navigation etc. You may check out our coy Facebook page for an introductory video. There will be trainings to prepare you guys for the race itself from November till April. All who do not have any medical conditions that will hinder your health are encouraged to join! Your team captain will be SGT Soo Hong Ce, do inform him or your squad leaders if you wish to join.

2. Citizenship

a) Sec 1’s, refer to parade notice for the e-learning materials for your stage 1.

b) Sec 2’s, values venture project is to be continued. For those who have yet to edit your answers, check with Joshua Dui’s group on how it should be done. Due date: 31 October 2015

3. Total Defence Silver

Sec 2’s + Ryan Tan to confirm a date for the field trip. Refer to earlier post for a list of places to choose from.

4. Kayaking Star 1

Date: 3 & 4 November 2015

Consent forms are to be collected from SGT Gamaliel on 28 October at 1235H. Forms are to be submitted on first day of course. Those whose parents will be sending you there, be there by 0745H. For those making their own way, meet Mr. Nicholas Lim at 0720 @ Nicoll Highway MRT (CC). DO NOT BE LATE.

5. Parade Resumes

There will be no parade on 31 October due to CQ competition. Parade resumes on 7 November 2015 for overnight cycling.

6. Haze Conditions

In view of the recent haze conditions, parade or activities might be cancelled/postponed last minute. We will be basing on the 3H PSI readings from NEA and according to MOE guidelines. We will be looking into an emergency contact list, so that parents can also be notified as soon as possible, in view that the haze conditions will continue to persist.