Adventure Theory Test

Boys who did not pass the theory test are to attend the recap lesson from 1200-1300 on 8th July. There will be a re-test for those who failed and those who have not taken the test. The Re Test is on 15 July. Those absent on 24 June, are expected to attend recap lesson as well.
Those who need to attend

Stage 1
PTE Yeo Yue Yi
PTE Timothy Kan
PTE Ryan Chan
PTE Wesley Ong
PTE Westley Tan
PTE Gideon Paul
PTE Chua Yong Sheng
PTE Jeff Tan
PTE Justin Ho
PTE Tuan Vi
PTE Ian Kwok

Stage 2
CPL Daniel Bong
CPL Timothy Gan
LCP Tan Xing Yau
CPL Ong Yong Chang
SGT Joshah Tan
PTE Issac Espinosa
CPL Darren Chui
CPL Ian Yeoh
LCP Ang Xiang Jun

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