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Submission of Outstanding Excuse Forms

The Following boys are to submit their excuse forms by 15 July. Henry will be at big steps at the area closest to the D&T room from 0705hrs to 0720hrs on weekdays. Handwritten note by parents will be accepted until 15 July.
From 22 July(BB Cares) onwards, all excuse forms are to be submitted within 2 weeks of the day of absence or attendance will not be accounted. From 22 July onwards, only the excuse form will be accepted.(No handwritten notes)

Sec 3
-Andrew Koh: 27-28 May(Adventure)
-Nathaniel Ong: 7 Jan
-Franklin Leong: 25 Mar
-Tan Xing Yau: 4 Mar
-Ang Xiang Jun: 18 Mar
-Darren Chui: 11 Feb, 20 May
-Joshah Tan: 14 Jan, 18 Feb, 4 Mar, 24 June
-Mithran: 27-28 May(Adventure)

Sec 2
-Isaac Espinosa: 7,14,21 Jan, 4 Feb, 10-13 Mar(RTC/LDC), 13,20,27-28 May(Adventure)
-Nathanael Chua: 14,21 Jan, 18 Feb, 1 July
-Gideon Paul: 7,14,21 Jan, 4 Mar, 26 Mar, 24 June, 1 July
-Ruben Lee: 24 June, 1 July

Sec 1
-Ian Kwok: 24 June
-Chua Yong Sheng: 25 Mar, 20,27,28 May, 24 June,1 July, 8 July
-Ryan Chan: 27-28 May(Adventure), 1 July, 8 July
-Westley Tan: 24 June
-Luke Sasayiah: 8 July

Excuse Form

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