Parade 24

Date:  15 July 2017
Time: 0830H – 1230H
Attire: Musketry
Venue: SASS Courtyard
DO: OCT Andrew Yow
COS: SGT Joshah Tan
Flag IC: LCP Ang Xiang Jun
Time(H) Programme Action By
0830 – 0900 Fall in/Roll call COS/DO
0900 – 0930 Devotion
0930 – 1030 Citizenship Lesson All
1030-1215 Drills (Adv Retest) All
1215 – 1230 Dismissal All
*Musketry: BB Polo, Long Pants, Belt, Boots, Cap, Name Tag, Field rank(LCP and above)
**Submit outstanding BB Cares forms
**Bring stationary and foolscap paper. Stage 1 and 2 Adv Retest will be carried out during parade. Adventure Notes

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